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Trends in wedding video | Тенденции в свадебном видео

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Wedding video (as well as photography) are now in the peak of development. There are new digital SLR cameras with HD video recording function having better quality than most conventional cameras do. The situation makes the line between photo and video almost invisible. Any photographer can try their hand at filming (and understand how difficult it is ;). As any filmmaker can try their hand in photography. But once more to see the hard working nature of the photographic business ) Many of our colleagues intensified their growth along with fast equipment evolution. Equipment becomes a kind of fetish, an end in itself. Let's not forget that after all the primary goal is not a glossy image but its content. And I wanted to talk about it a little.

In general I would note two major trends. The first is paying great attention to gears, special equipment, steadicams, cranes, with accent on high production value.. Light pop music goes along with sometimes opposite meaning to video content. The second trend is more thoughtful work with the couple, an attempt to open them for revelation, dialogue, documentary style and truth of life.

Both tendencies are part of one direction - a beautiful and detailed story about the wedding. I am not a supporter of one of the styles and I think they should be combined one with another in carefully balanced proportions to get a tart, but not oversaturated flavor of wedding day. Shifting this balance to one of sides leads to:
a) to the mealy-mouthed glamor;
b) to home video like production

I'm sure neither one thing nor the other would be acceptable by me as author and by couple as the happiest people in their wedding day

What is pure documentary style? In fact it may be one of couple’s relatives having top model mobile phone with video function, and basic knowledge of composition. He will record everything as it is. It’s not right to vindicate our laziness for active search of creative angles, good backgrounds, artistic details, cleanliness of frames, tough editing by high-flown mask of “documentary style”. On the other hand for the full film documentary component is required. It goes as a memory, detailed story. In the best conditions there should be two filmmakers -- one of documentary style, another artistic style and director. But most times we have to combine all the roles in one person. And sometimes it comes even better.

For myself, I made my choice. I’m trying to shoot maximum amount of possible shots (while they remain aesthetic) and create two different versions of the film. One documentary, the most complete and detailed. Another brief, comprehensive, rich and artistic. With such a balance there is no need to show unnecessary details to many people. On other hand – there’s no need to rewatch too particular film many times when you have short, compact artistic version. In my opinion this is the perfect balance, it allows you to save maximum of documentary footage, and at the same time not to overload the short film by intimate, couple’s personal details.

How do you solve this question?

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